Prior Year Filings and Adjustments

Arbutus Tax Services is experienced in preparing adjustments and prior year filings. In many cases this has resulted in recovery of income tax and GST rebate funds for clients. This can be substantial in some circumstances. Amounts have ranged from hundreds to thousands of dollars and in one case over $30.000 was recovered for the client. Each situation is different and individual tax situations can vary from year to year.     


Prior Year Filings and Adjustments

Wait for your notice of assessment before asking for changes to your return.

You can ask for a change to a return for a tax year ending in any of the 10 previous calendar years. This year, 2020, you can only ask for changes for tax year 2010 or later.


Processing times

  • online, 8 business days or usually within 2 weeks
  • by mail, usually within 8 weeks 

It may take longer if: 

  • Your request is sent in late summer or fall 
  • Your request needs more review
  • If the CRA has to contact you or your authorized representative for more information or documentation.


The CRA will send you a notice of assessment or reassessment where applicable.  If not they will send you a letter of explanation if no changes have been made. Please keep this document and bring it in to discuss if you need assistance.  The notice of assessment contains pertinent information including anything being carried forward such as education credits, RRSP room and limits, TFSA room and limits, and capital gains or losses if applicable. 


Arbutus Tax Services  will be pleased to assist you with prior year adjustments or filings.