Arbutus Tax Hours and Annual Client Update

The following income tax client update was recently sent out but perhaps all did not receive it  Changes continue with income tax deductions and credits, not all items can be detailed here.   Check the Arbutus Tax website for more information as well as the CRA website.  Saturday hours will likely be added in March.  Will be posted on the website later on. 


Hi Folks. I hope all is well. Thanks for being a client of Arbutus Tax, it is appreciated.

Efiling is a bit later this year, a number of files are ready to file on Feb.26th. Once you have the slips and forms please come in as soon as you can.


We are once again open at 9:30AM to 5:30PM Monday to Friday for drop in/drop off your info. Mornings are usually the best time to drop off or pick up and pay.


For payment we prefer debit or cash due to the high fees charged for credit cards and special points cards.


With the authorization taken for most we can check online and download them from CRA website. However some slips arrive late. Deadline for sending out T4s, T5s is end of Feb. For T3s and securities end of March. Some file early and some wait until the end. Let us know what slips you have or are waiting for. Best not to miss a slip, I have seen CRA charge a $250 penalty for that.


Investments such as sale of securities have to be accounted for. Institutions report any sales and not always do they show the cost or adjusted cost. They report on T5008 the sale amount if they are sharp they will show the cost. They may also issue a statement of realized gains or losses which we can use or perhaps on your annual statement. Check with your security advisor if in doubt.


Any sale of residence has to be reported now. Sale price, address and date of purchase required.


If you are a first time home buyer let us know.


RRSP contributions slips or withdrawals (T4RSP) are also important if you have them.


Changes in marital status and address, do you want online mail, are you signed up for it already or want to add this instead of postal mail for CRA notices?


You can set up an account at CRA website, MyAccount to view your information online or to make changes for address and direct deposit.


Deadline is the usual April 30th and for small business June 15th but tax owing in both cases is April 30th.


That is it for now. If you have any questions please let me know. I try to answer emails as soon as possible and if there are only a question or two it is sometimes more convenient than playing telephone tag.




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  1. Margaret West says:

    I have not been a previous customer. Wondering if you have room for 2 more clients, and prices for tax prep. One would be fairly regular, pension, CCP, OAS, bank RRSP, meds, charitable donations. The second would be more basic yet. Thank you

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