Income Tax Service in Victoria BC: 

Arbutus Tax Services specializes in providing friendly, effective, reliable, current and prior years income tax preparation and related service in Victoria, BC, James Bay and Saanich including the surrounding area, on Vancouver Island.  


New Time Schedule  


Tuesday 10AM to 2PM


Thursday 12PM to 4PM


Other times by Appointment 

During the off tax season


Subject to change at any time  


The front door will be open during those times with a dedicated drop off area near our office door. Please wait there for assistance.  We will likely be making future appointments for coming back to sign and finalize a few days to a week later. This too may change depending upon circumstances.

Covid protocols are in effect, face coverings, social distancing etc.  

Of course if you are ill please do not come to the office.

These times are difficult for all of us with COVID-19 still going strong, unfortunately. 

Please stay safe,well and check back here for future updates

See our contact page for our email address.


Deadline for filing is April 30th,2021

Filing can still be done after the deadlines 

Small business deadline June 15th, 2021

Don’t forget to claim work from home expenses if you qualify.  No forms needed from your employer if you use the simple method, Check the details Click Here!


For questions about the CERB or CRA My Account call the CRA at 1-800-959-8282

There are many changes and may need addressing.  CERB was taxable and no tax was taken off so many may owe some tax due to this. It depends on total income.

This link for BC Covid Relief

This link for CERB and other programs current info 

 This link for Up to date Covid Federal Benefits and information etc.

Click on the above links to see the dates to apply and other criteria.  


It is difficult to maintain safe distances and other important considerations that we are all to follow to protect ourselves and others. Face to face meetings not being done at the present time. Drop off of information is preferred and some information can be taken via email.

We may be able to provide some assistance by email especially for existing clients so please email us for information.

We will update this page as circumstances change and improve. Please let us know if you see something that needs to be changed. 


  • Drop in Drop Off Service During the Main Tax Season during regular hours

  • Year Round Income Tax Service

  • Hours of Service posted above

  • For Other times by appointment please send us an email or call 250 999 8585

  • Saturday Not available at this time.

  • To Contact via email see the contact page or on the photo below

  • Simple, Basic and Complex Income Tax Returns

  • Current Year Tax Returns, 2020 Year. Efiling commences Feb 22nd, 2021 
  • Efiling can still be done for 2017 to 2020 Personal Tax Years
  • Multiple Tax Year Income Tax Returns, 2011-2020
  • Paper filing can be done for the 2011-2016 tax years
  • Deadline for filing 2020 tax returns is April 30,2021
  • Small business filing deadline June 15, 2021
  • Help With Income Tax Adjustments
  • Canadian Income Tax Returns
  • Pension Income Splitting for Seniors, does not include CPP or OAS
  • Over 25+ years experience with Income Tax and Business
  • E-Filing done at no extra cost and For Quicker Return Of Your Money
  • Small Business and Contract Work Returns
  • Rental Properties Returns
  • Personal Returns
  • Final Returns
  • Consulting Service Available
  • Small and Home Based Business Returns
  • Capital Gains and Investments
  • Students and Low Wage Earners may qualify for GST rebates, claims can be made to Past Years if not filed
  • Students must file to claim tuition and Education Credits to carry forward to Future Years
  • Personal Service
  • Objective: To save you Time and Money by Maximizing Your Tax Return to Free up Your Time to enjoy the Important Things in life
  • Competitive Prices
  • Bring in your forms and the latest notice of assessment as soon as you have them. If you are unable to obtain all your forms/slips we will work on this with you and may be able to access them via the CRA website if they have been submitted to Canada Revenue Agency
  • We are taking on new clients until further notice, it is best to come as soon as you have all your forms and slips
  • Quotes are free, tax returns are not. Subject to change depending upon the complexity, schedules and the time required to do them

Our Current Business Hours: Please see above……….

Or Call 250-999-8585 or email us to arrange for a suitable time (see photo below or on the contact page)

Not having filed a tax return can be costly, potentially hundreds to thousands of dollars. We can help you get caught up quickly.

Convenient location in James Bay, Victoria, BC on a major bus route and exchange.  Parking available on the Gov’t side of the building.

NOTE: Assigned parking on Superior Street next to the building is only for building tenants.

Filing can be done for you for prior years income tax returns.  If you have been requested to file a prior tax we can help you with this and deal with the CRA on your behalf.



Arbutus Tax Services

Telephone 250-999-8585

Located in James Bay

2A – 603 Superior Street

Victoria, BC V8V 1V1

ARBUTUS TAX SERVICES is registered with the CRA, Canada Revenue Agency to efile tax returns.



Efile Your Return For Faster Refunds

Efile Your Return For Faster Refunds