RRSP Deadline and Income Tax Filing 2011 Tax Year

Hi Folks.  This is quick update and a reminder about the RRSP filing deadline here in Canada. I have sent out an email update to those clients who are on file with their email addresses.

The deadline this year for RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plans) contributions to count towards the 2011 Tax Year is Feb 29, 2012.  Financial intuitions or advisors can assist you with that should you wish to make a contribution.

Current status on income tax filing here at Arbutus Tax Services:

The e-filing system is up and running.  It is working well with all files being e-filed without a glitch.  Just a bit windy here on Vancouver Island and specifically in Victoria, BC. Found my sandwich board on the ground (grass) a short while ago.

Current Hours:

The office is now open Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 10AM to 5PM. Other times can be arranged and I am in the office most week days. 
There will be an open or closed sign in the window and a sandwich board outside on the Superior side of the building.  On the Gov’t side there are 4 parking spots as well as free parking on Gov’t towards Michigan Street.  Entry to the building is via 603 Superior Street.


I have made some special arrangements for a few folks who have been unable to come to the office.

Please walk in if the door is not locked.

If you know of anyone who may wish to have their taxes done I would appreciate a referral.  Please tell them to tell me who sent them.   Bonus!

Also, if you live in a apt or condo complex and can put up a notice I can provide the copy.

Thank you and best wishes!



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