Additional Income Tax News for 2014 and 2015, Direct Deposit, Email Correspondence From CRA

Information can be found here on the new Family Tax Cut.   That will apply to a few people, not all taxpayers.  There is also the Seniors income splitting which has been around for quite a few years now.  If you missed it, we can make the adjustments for you.   Other adjustments for anything that was missed can also be done.

You can register at the My Account section on the CRA website.  This will give you access to much of the data that they have on you.  Not all of course, they like to have some secrets!

Phone numbers and other information follows below. HINT: When you reach a recording press * which will usually get you to a real person within 2 minutes, they say. 

Direct deposit cannot be submitted with your tax return.  I have no idea why they stopped that as it will inconvenience many and delay returns perhaps.  I suggest you call them if you need to change or add Direct Deposit.   This are various numbers to call depending upon which service you may require.

Another new feature is the news that the CRA will now email your notices to you,  you can add your email address before we file the 2014 tax return.  Just ask us before we file the return.



By April 2016 the Government of Canada is switching from cheques to direct deposit for their various programs including Income Tax Refunds, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, etc.

Call 1-800-959-8281 press * to get to a person, or visit the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website and search the term direct deposit.

You can also register for “My Account” on the CRA website.

Service Canada

  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
  • Old Age Security (OAS)


  • Employment Insurance (EI)


  • Canadian Government Annuities


  • Apprenticeship Grants


Government of Canada Pension Centre

  • Federal public service pension plan

(collect calls accepted)

Tax Season for the 2014 Year Begins

Tax News:

Effective Feb 9th, 2015 Efiling for the 2014 Tax Year commences.  Efiling for 2012 and 2013 Tax Years also available and paper filing and adjustments can be done back to the 2005 Tax years. 


Arbutus Tax Services  is now open Monday To Friday 9AM to 5:30 PM until at least May 1, 2015.  Hours may be extended and you can always call for an appointment during the off tax season as we operate as a year round tax service.  Please feel free to drop in during office hours.  If you need other times or if you are unable to make it in for health reasons, please give us a call. 


Tax returns for 2014 are already being prepared and ready to submit as soon as the efiling opens up on Feb 9th, 2015.


Eugene Veinotte of Arbutus Tax Services welcomes back all returning and new clients. If possible we suggest coming in as early as possible to avoid the rush which inevitably comes later on.


Contact us by phone at 250-999-8585. We can also be reached via email and sometimes this is the preferred method of contact.  ArbutusTax @


This year the CRA wishes to know if you wish to have then update you via email, called Online Mail Management, instead of regular mail for Notices of Assessments and other correspondence. They also want to you to use Direct Deposit for all Government of Canada deposits including refunds, gst rebates and other government programs.


In addition to income splitting for seniors there is Family Income splitting. This will be calculated for you if you qualify for this when your return is prepared at Arbutus Tax Services.


















Filing for the 2013 Income Tax Year Is Under Way

Processing of 2013 Income Tax Returns is now ongoing since Feb 10, 2014. Efiling is ongoing and this year the previous year can also still be filed, 2012 income tax returns. 


Office hours for drop in drop off currently is 9AM to 5PM.   Times can be extended upon request or if we are still working beyond 5PM.


Should you be unable to attend the office for health reasons please let us know as we may be able to arrange pickup.  

Some limited email processing can be arranged for people at a distance.


Some information has been added to the Arbutus Tax website for small business expenses and what you may be able to claim. See the link at the top of the site entitled Small Business.


2013 is the final year for claiming qualified safety deposit box deductions.


Addsitional information on Filing Deadlines has also been updated on the Arbutus Tax website.  The RRSP deadline is March 3, 2014 for the 2013 tax year. 


Arbutus email


You can follow us on Twitter or on Facebook.   



2012 Income Tax Season Is Now Open

Arbutus Tax Services is open for business.  Well this is a year round operation so that is not really new news for having your tax return done.  Dec 2012 and Jan 2013 had some folks dropping in to have older tax year returns prepared. This could result in substantial tax refunds depending upon your situation.  

The CRA opened up processing for the current year on Feb 11, 2013.

The 2012 Tax season is now open and the CRA is accepting EFILING for the current tax year, 2012.    Many have to wait until their T4s are issued and some companies take this to mean by the end of Feb.  They can do that earlier if they wish.   

Some investments forms do not get issued until late in March.   Since all these things are computerized, for the most part these days, it makes us wonder what is taking them so long.

As well as the current year I am also filing previous tax year returns for clients.

The current personal income tax filing deadline for 2012 returns is April 30th, 2013  More information has been placed under Filing Deadlines.

If you can, drop off your slips and updated personal and tax information as soon as possible to beat the rush and save on HST, 12%, as Arbutus Tax Services will not be charging you for the HST this year, once again.

Also if you know of anyone who is unable to attend the office, I may be able to arrange for pickup of their documents.  I am doing that for a number of my clients at the moment. 


RRSP Deadline and Income Tax Filing 2011 Tax Year

Hi Folks.  This is quick update and a reminder about the RRSP filing deadline here in Canada. I have sent out an email update to those clients who are on file with their email addresses.

The deadline this year for RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plans) contributions to count towards the 2011 Tax Year is Feb 29, 2012.  Financial intuitions or advisors can assist you with that should you wish to make a contribution.

Current status on income tax filing here at Arbutus Tax Services:

The e-filing system is up and running.  It is working well with all files being e-filed without a glitch.  Just a bit windy here on Vancouver Island and specifically in Victoria, BC. Found my sandwich board on the ground (grass) a short while ago.

Current Hours:

The office is now open Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 10AM to 5PM. Other times can be arranged and I am in the office most week days. 
There will be an open or closed sign in the window and a sandwich board outside on the Superior side of the building.  On the Gov’t side there are 4 parking spots as well as free parking on Gov’t towards Michigan Street.  Entry to the building is via 603 Superior Street.


I have made some special arrangements for a few folks who have been unable to come to the office.

Please walk in if the door is not locked.

If you know of anyone who may wish to have their taxes done I would appreciate a referral.  Please tell them to tell me who sent them.   Bonus!

Also, if you live in a apt or condo complex and can put up a notice I can provide the copy.

Thank you and best wishes!



Arbutus Tax Services Site Updated

With the tax season upon us this site has been updated with some current information on the main page and several other pages.  Included in the update is the location 2A – 603 Superior Street, Victoria, BC V8V 1W1. 

This is a great location and as mentioned to me by a number of my clients.  Hours of business will vary.  Officially at this time they are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10AM to 5PM.  As the income tax season progresses this will be expanded upon as necessary. 

I will do my best to accommodate everyone and I was quite mobile last year. 

Special arrangements can still be made for those who need it.  Just give me a call at 250-999-8585.  I will be adding to the site also.