Update Message for Arbutus Tax Clients

Hi folks. I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits in these challenging times.  I was not intending to send out another update but things have changed considerably since the tax season started.The following quote is from the CRA website.  “New tax filing and payment due dates The due date for filing […] Read more »

Arbutus Tax Hours and Annual Client Update

The following income tax client update was recently sent out but perhaps all did not receive it  Changes continue with income tax deductions and credits, not all items can be detailed here.   Check the Arbutus Tax website for more information as well as the CRA website.  Saturday hours will likely be added in March.  Will […] Read more »

Feb Update Arbutus Tax News

The tax season is now going with Efiling having commenced Feb 20th for the 2016 tax year right back to 2013.  For some reason they dropped Efiling for 2012 and that along with prior years now must be paper filed, which we can do, of course.   Thanks to all our clients for continuing to […] Read more »

More Income Tax Changes That May Affect You Now and in the Future

Taxpayers with children will notice that the family tax cut is gone for 2016.  Enhanced child care tax free benefits (CCB) have been introduced along with increases in UCCB. The family tax cut or split elimination does not affect the pension tax split enjoyed by many seniors. That is still in effect. If you missed […] Read more »

Income Tax Changes Child Care Benefits, UCCB and Notes

TAX CHANGES Significant changes have been made to the child benefits.  The $2000+ tax credit per child has been eliminated. As well the Universal Child Benefit (UCCB) amount has changed. UCCB bonus plus enhanced UCCB payments may result in paying more tax as a result of these changes.  For those with children you may need […] Read more »

Missing Income Tax Information Very Important

NOTE:  Missing Tax Information Very Important Every year there are changes at the CRA and potential tax filings.  This year there is a great deal more information being reported on the CRA website. I imagine this is going to lead to a crack down on things that have not been reported in the past as […] Read more »