2015 Tax Year Progress Report

​I will repost an update recently sent to clients.  Check the Arbutus Tax website to see some areas that may be helpful, Small Business, Rentals, Tax slips, filing deadlines etc.


It is important to keep information up to date and have all the relative slips on hand to provide the most accurate tax filing.  Some forms do arrive late and others ahead of time.  So we do the best we can with what we have.  


Hi folks! 

I wanted to send a quick and brief update to let you know that Arbutus Tax is in the same location again this year, for the 4th tax year,  2A-603 Superior St. Victoria, BC V8V 1V1.  This is a year round location and I do attend to matters throughout the year.
If you do not wish to receive these emails, and I usually only send one once or twice a year, just let me know!  Thanks. 

Office hours are 9AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday and likely to be extended especially in April.  (Saturdays).  During busy times I am here well past 5:30PM. 

Efiling began on Feb 15th and has been going well.  Each year year there are changes and we do the best to keep on top of all of them. 

Some information has been posted on the ArbutusTax.Com website. 

Thanks for your past patronage and I hope to see you again this year, if not already.  I welcome any questions you may have.  I wish to express my appreciation for bringing your tax business this way.  

If you are dropping off and picking up your info, best time is in the morning, you can also leave it in an envelope in the mailbox (2A) to the right hand side of the door. 

Also make a note if there are any changes, such as address, email address (the preferred one), marital status (and date it changed), if you wish the CRA to email you instead of sending paper for Notices of Assessment etc.


Please bring in your last Notice of Assessment especially if it has any carry forwards to note such as Education credits, RRSP limits and carry forward information. 

With that in mind the RRSP deadline for the 2015 tax year is Feb 29th.  2016 being a leap year. 

Most T4s and T5s will be out by end of Feb and T3s by end of March.  Best to wait or check with the employer or investment company to see when they will come.  Some T4s will be on file with the CRA already depending upon the employer.  The CRA also is providing more information online but also this depends on if they receive the information from the respective companies.  I can check this for you if I have your authorization. The system at the CRA has been updated this year with much more information but it is also quite time consuming to check for all the relative slips.


Register online at My Account of the CRA website to follow up on what information they have on you. 

Okay for the briefness.  🙂   No way I can cover everything. 

​Cheers and best wishes! ​


Eugene Veinotte

Arbutus Tax Services

2A 603 Superior Street

Victoria, BC V8V 1V1



Note: Reference made here to CRA is Canada Revenue Agency and Arbutus Tax Services is not associated with nor an agent of the CRA but is authorized to efile income tax returns on behalf of clients. 


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