2012 Income Tax Season Is Now Open

Arbutus Tax Services is open for business.  Well this is a year round operation so that is not really new news for having your tax return done.  Dec 2012 and Jan 2013 had some folks dropping in to have older tax year returns prepared. This could result in substantial tax refunds depending upon your situation.  

The CRA opened up processing for the current year on Feb 11, 2013.

The 2012 Tax season is now open and the CRA is accepting EFILING for the current tax year, 2012.    Many have to wait until their T4s are issued and some companies take this to mean by the end of Feb.  They can do that earlier if they wish.   

Some investments forms do not get issued until late in March.   Since all these things are computerized, for the most part these days, it makes us wonder what is taking them so long.

As well as the current year I am also filing previous tax year returns for clients.

The current personal income tax filing deadline for 2012 returns is April 30th, 2013  More information has been placed under Filing Deadlines.

If you can, drop off your slips and updated personal and tax information as soon as possible to beat the rush and save on HST, 12%, as Arbutus Tax Services will not be charging you for the HST this year, once again.

Also if you know of anyone who is unable to attend the office, I may be able to arrange for pickup of their documents.  I am doing that for a number of my clients at the moment. 


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  1. Udayakumar says:

    I am udayakumar and me & my coluegs around 5 to 7 mombers are planning to do the Income tax filing for the year 2012 pelase let me know the detils requires and can able to come & pick it from my office (Bc Ferries-1321 blanshard street Victoria)

    udayakumar M
    250 781 1281

  2. gene says:

    Hi Udayakumar. I have called but could not reach you. I will try again, or you can call me at 250-999-8585,



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